MHI Energy Information Solutions, LLC (MHI) Wholly owned by IAVO Research and Scientific, developers of IAPioneer

MHI Energy Information Solutions, LLC (MHI) was formed by IAVO specifically to meet the increased demands for complex power systems analytics. Recent and ongoing projects have included power generation reliability, system fault diagnostics and prognostics, and integrated power systems management for hybrid diesel/gas turbine propulsion. In addition to experience in the electric utility industry, the members of the team have extensive portfolios of successful projects in competitive intelligence, market analysis, commercial and industrial sales, and technical research.

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Energy Information
Building Information Systems / Energy Information Systems

MHI is dedicated to the science of strategic energy management solutions. Our staff expertise covers a range of proven and emerging technologies in both theoretical and applied sciences for government, private industry, and academia including integrated power control and management, signal processiong and analysis, power generation and storage technologies, and building energy modeling.

The rapidly evolving domain of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) includes: building automation, fault detection, diagnostic tools, and automated system optimization software that enable utilities, facility managers, and planners to optimize energy assets. Increased interst in microgrids, and utility deregulation, require efficient legacy systems integration. Hence, our solutions are technologically agnostic and operationally neutral with the overriding objective that installations do not interrupt or diminish operations.

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Software Development
Maximizing benefit from new resources, existing resources, and acquired energy.

We maintain a complete suite of devlopment, analytical, and design tools at the latest release version levels, enabling integration with a wide variety of platforms. When appropriate, will refer to open source tools developed by the Department of Energy, national research labs, NASA, and other research institutions for prognostics and diagnostics. MHI also maintains instrument devices and bench testing facilities for prototyping and testing software development and integration.

With these tools, our capable staff engineers innovation, enhances system performance, mitigates risk, and delivers user freindly interface designs.

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